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The other technical fluids

The mixture is used for burning, for dilution alcoholic colors and cleaning and degreasing surfaces. The undiluted product can be used in air brake systems of trucks and buses against freezing.
Supplied in: 0.5 L, 1 L, 5 L, 10 L, barrels 25 L, drums 60 L and 200 L

The seal radiator.  The preparation for sealing small leaks of the automotive cooling and heating systems. It prevents the loss of coolant. It prolongs the life of the radiator.
The praparation is also applicable to seal small cracks and leakages of the heating equipment in buildings and air conditioning.
Supplied in: 0.5 L

The preparation against the freezing water in the fuel and brake system.
It is used for preventive remove water and moisture from the fuel systems. Also it´s used against freezing of water in the fuel systems and year-round to improve the function of fuel.
The undiluted preparation is used against freezing in the air brake systems of the trucks and the buses.
Supplied in: 0.5 L, 10 L, barrels 25 L, drums 60 L and 200 L